We are a team of curious and motivated technologists dedicated to creating custom software solutions that have a lasting impact on the world. Individual approach to each project and balance between designers, engineers and technology is our specialty.

Brief history

Mediatorium is founded in 2015, in a few square meters space, two person team and main focus to make our clients happy and successful. Now, 7 years later we are proud to host inspiration and creativity under our roof, where like-minded, passionate people can work together on designing and developing exceptional-quality products. We know our team is greatest asset we have, and our software solutions run real businesses and serve real people, making everyday life easier for our clients.

Our goal

Main goal of Mediatorium is simplicity, strategy, functionality, and hard work in order to create a strong, lasting, and remarkable product with exceptionally clean code and elegant design. We are here for you, to create products that solve the problems of today as well as define the opportunities of the future. Over the last 7 years we've grown, a single characteristic hasn't changed: a passionate idea to make the intangible, tangible.

Our processes

We know the difference between art and engineering, as well as importance of defined and disciplined process. Therefore, we rely on our ability to consistently deliver high-quality software. Our process helps us create head-turning designs, and ensures fully customized software development starting with a series of Design Thinking workshops. With you, we define a detailed roadmap, improve the delivery of the value proposition and design a clickable prototype that allows you to test the concept.

Woman explaining marketing in front of white board

What to expect

Casual friday

On fridays we test our work, order junk food and take is slow.

Free coffee and snacks

Mandatory fuel for our team. Nothing more.

Education budget

We know education is important, so we provide yearly budget for our employees.


Main ingredient of each project we make.


Honesty and strong moral principles are what keep our team moving forward.


Keep it simple. Keep it clean.