Digital vending machine

Orestes grupa wanted to create a convenient and discreet way for local owners to sell cigarettes on-site. The solution was a digital vending machine. With the hardware part of the project done, they contacted us to create a user interface for users and service staff to interact with.

Digital vending machine

About the client

The Orestes Group specializes in the sale of food, beverages and tobacco products using vending machines, which is why they felt the need to improve and develop a software solution for the sale of the same.


Orestes group d.o.o.



Scope of work

  • Product design
  • Web development
  • Desktop development

Problems and goals

Until now, vending machines installed in coffee bars took a lot of time for waiters to buy cigarettes on behalf of guests, since there was no possibility for guests to purchase cigarettes themselves. Due to this problem, the automation of the entire system was very necessary to facilitate the purchase without the presence of a waiter.


This system has improved the operation of the vending machines, relieved the staff of the cafe, because now the guests of the cafe can purchase products from the vending machines themselves.

Project technologies

Technology we used

We focused on keeping the platform easy to integrate into existing e-commerce platforms and keeping it fast not to impact the user experience. The Digital vending machine technology stack is:

  • .NET Core
  • Gulp
  • Figma
  • Blazor